By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

18 September 2018 - 12:13

Bienvenidos a un nuevo y emocionante curso en el colegio británico.

September is upon us and as usual the Schools´classrooms and corridors are once again full of noise, laughter and the sound of almost 2000 students returning to School, their back-packs full of enthusiasm and good intentions for the new Academic Year. Ahead of them is an exciting year full of activities, competitions, new challenges and lots of fun. The School prides itself on a holistic education, combining academic achievement with human values. Combining learning with excitement and effort with play.

Classrooms are ready and our teachers are also excited and set to kick-off a new academic year. Another year of moving our students closer towards their future goals. Ambitions which, especially amongst our older students, are beginning to become reality.

A special welcome again this year, to our youngest students, joining our British Council School family for the first time. Some are understandably a little nervous and tearful. But they will soon learn to enjoy some of the best years of their lives in these classrooms, making life-long friends.

This year is even more exciting than normal, because as well as new school books, notebooks and multi-coloured pencils, we have a new Headmistress, Mercedes Hernández Estrada and also new classrooms in Early Years.

Welcome Everybody! A very warm welcome to students, parents, teachers, the mangement team and everyone else at the School. Welcome to a new and exciting year at the British Council School!!!