By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

27 September 2019 - 11:24

Welcome to our new academic year 2019/2020! After a well deserved Summer break, the School has once again opened its doors to begin a new year full of excitement and surprise for our youngest students; full of new discoveries and games, full of trips, experiences and new knowledge; full of living and learning together. On behalf of the whole School, we would like to welcome everyone and wish you all a year full of unforgettable moments which we can all share.

Batteries charged and classrooms ready for students, we also want to welcome teachers and the whole School community, especially those Families who are joining the School for the first time and who now form part of the wider Family which is the British Council School.

As we do each year, we all of us, come back to School full of joy and with great determination to meet our own targets and goals. We want to achieve good academic results, but we also want to reinforce our educational values (caring, loyalty, flexibility, resilience and challenge). We want to do so with activities and projects which will help our students grow in a holistic way, as richer individuals, conscious of their wider responsibility to the world around them, more secure in themselves and in their own ability to succeed.

This year we have some new additions to the management team, a new building for Early Years and a new uniform for PE. This is some of our news, as we begin a new year. Talent and creativity will also, doubtlessly be on show on the boards of the School Theatre, in the way of concerts, theatre, shows, speaking competitions, ballet, singing, etc. We shall fill the classrooms and corridors with music and festivities; we shall continue being charitable and collecting funds for those who need it most; and we shall fight hard in our Sports competitions, giving our all.

We are starting a new year full of challenges and commitments, and we promise that we will not let you down. Welcome to the 2019-2020 academic year! Welcome to our School community!