By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

26 February 2020 - 12:41

Helping others and thinking about those most vulnerable is an important principle at the School. Our value of Caring is present in everything we do at School, and we can often help others at School, not just outside School. This academic year, some of the students in Secondary have volunteered to have lunch with the children from Primary and help them with the sorts of things which they might find most difficult, holding their cutlery properly, eating up all their food, and having good table manners...

Infants, Primary and Secondary each have their own kitchen and dining room where, each day, we provide appropriate menus for each of the different age groups. As well as guaranteeing a healthy and balanced diet, avoiding eating difficulties, etc., our priorities in the dinning rooms also focus on promoting good table manners and correctly using cutlery and tableware.

Our students in Secondary have used this initiative to voluntarily change dinning rooms and help those youngest ones, to develop best table manners. As well as being very educational and of great practical help, the experience has also been great fun. At the British Council School, we are very used to these kind of interactions between children of different ages.