By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

30 September 2019 - 10:41

We are starting off the year with a small change of image. Well as far as our sports are concerned, anyway. We have a new PE kit. The idea is to improve both the technical performance of the garments and also to modernise the style, bringing it up to date with the rest of our School image. The new uniform brings back the original School shield in a new revised version, thus also promoting the historic legacy of the School.

We are coming up to the School´s 80th anniversary and what better way to celebrate this, than with a fresher, more modern PE kit. On our 75th anniversary, we organised a competition with the Spanish Association of Fashion Designers (ACME), to modernise the rest of the School uniform. The winner then was Teresa Helbig who put forward a proposal with traditional British touches and some innovative details, looking for comfort and style.

With this most recent change, all of the British Council School´s uniform will be up to date. The British Council shield, with a more up to date design, provides just the right balance of tradition and modernity that we are looking for.

Our new PE kit is made out of lighter, stronger, more breathable material. It is meant to be more comfortable to wear. These are technical changes which will certainly bring an improvement in the physical education of our students. To make things easier, we are allowing children to use both old and new PE kit wear for the rest of this academic year.