By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

21 December 2017 - 12:02

Las campeonas del Británico

On the 18th of December, we took part in the girls youth football sevens tournament at Kings College in Tres Cantos.

Our students worked really hard over the previous four weeks, training during their break times to bring the team together for the competition. Their commitment paid dividends. In the group phase, we started with a win, 4-1 against Hastings School, showing a great team game which continued for the rest of the day. Against the hosts, Kings B, we just managed to get a 1-0 result versus a very physical side which really pressured our defence and our goalkeeper, Gabriela, who was great throughout the whole tournament.

A lapse in concentration and a great effort from Runnymede College led to our only defeat 3-1, which nevetherless did not stop us from qualifying for the semi-finals, first in our group. Our players showed off their talent and their unselfish play to impose themselves totally on the game,

5-1 against the side from ISM School, in a near perfect match, propelling us into the final. We faced  Runnymede College once again, totally determined not to let the trophy slip from their grasp. Twice we went ahead and they came back to draw from a free-kick, then we missed a penalty. But with sheer willpower and the desire to succeed, our players scored two more goals in extra-time, a categoric 4-2 win which we celebrated with shouts of "British, British oeoeoeoeo".

As much as the well deserved and longed for victory, we should also like to highlight our Year 13 players´ commitment. Alejandra, orchestrating the attack who scored 5 goals, and Ángela, team captain and a great leader both on and off the field provided the example to the other younger players, how to compete 100%, in a fair and sporting way. Alejandra C., Lucía, Julia who fought every moment they were on the field. And also congratulations to the rest of our goal scorers: María L. (5 goals), María S. (3), Andrea (4), Cristina y Candela with a goal each.

Congratulations Champions! It was an honour and a pleasure to be able to be there with you.

María Moreira