By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

04 February 2019 - 10:10

Once upon a time there was “a snail who dreamed about the stars”. He wanted to visit them....but, they were so far away, and he was so slow.... Our children in Nursery visited the Reina Sofia Museum where they heard the story of this small snail and his friends who wanted to help him achieve his goal. This was a great educational experience for our children in Infants who got to know Joan Miro´s work and could appreciate the artist´s poetic and sensual nature.

As well as gaining a better understanding of Joan Miro´s work, this beautiful workshop helps our children to explore using their senses, promotes their language development and reinforces part of the curriculum. The children prepared their visit the day before with a motivational activity. And, when they returned from the museum, they took part in two workshops held over the following days at School, so that they could put into practice everything that they had learned.

And there was also an exciting and very original visit to the Reina Sofia Museum for our Reception students: Dali´s upside down world. This was an opportunity to see works which make you day dream, rocks which are as soft as fruit jellies, bicycle horses, multi coloured birds, a lady with a face made out of bricks. What a strange, back to front world!

The children had a great time exploring some of Dali´s work and also that of other artists connected with Surrealism. The purpose was to get to know their work as well as that of the surrealist movement as a whole, but also to learn to appreciate the Museum and to respect others who are also visiting. As with the other group, the students also previously prepared the visit with a motivational class. They also had similarly exciting and fun workshops over the following days, reinforcing what they had learned at the Museum.