By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

05 December 2017 - 10:41

Noviembre muy deportivo en El Británico

November has been full of tournaments and competitions in which our students took part with huge pride, good play and great sportsmanship. At the various competitions for international schools this month, our girls and boys basketball teams reached a very well deserved 3rd and 4th positions respectively 

Our Year 8 and Year 9 girls left the the basketball court on a real high at the tournament which took place at Kensington, on the 7th of November. After winning their first few matches easily, they were beaten in the semi-final by the local side. They brought home a well deserved bronze, as well as the motivation to continue improving their game.

The Year 10 and 11 boys team also didn´t do too badly at their International basketball tournament organised at the Montessori School, on the 17th of November. They had to settle for 4th position, just nudging a medal place, but unfortunately lost the game against Hastings by a single point.

On the 16th, we also had the international schools Infant/Junior Volleyball tournament. Despite our girls´ best efforts, they could only manage a modest 8th place. Learning how to cope with defeat, accepting our mistakes and overcoming challenges are some of the values which the School supports and which are part of these competitions and team sports. Congratulations on your commitment and better luck in the next tournaments!