By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

19 November 2018 - 10:00

Being able to understand good habits with regards to health and healthy eating is something very important. In fact, nutrition, sleeping routines and good personal hygiene are also important elements of the School´s own curriculum for Primary Education. The School is determined to instill our students with good eating habits, so that they understand the importance of a well balanced and varied diet. We also believe that this should be a joint educational responsibility for both School and Family environments.

With this in mind, the School Management have decided to have “Mediterranean Breakfasts” this month. Year 4 Students and Parents were invited to share a delicious and healthy breakfast in the Primary Dinning room. Toast, olive oil, fresh tomato, fruit juice, fresh milk and coffee with sugar for the adults, which is how they wanted it. A boost of energy, which got the day off to a good start for everyone, and also made us all more conscious, of the need to have a healthy breakfast.

After breakfast, our Head Nurse, Inmaculada Herranz, spoke to the children about the advantages of a balanced breakfast. Along with our Nurse from Primary, who was also there, they answered questions from students and parents at the end.