By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

21 May 2019 - 11:06

 Once again this year, the Panel of Judges at the 2019 Duperier Award had a difficult job choosing two winners, from the six different research projects entering the competition. This year, two of our students, Patricia and María were chosen as winners for their respective projects, “After how many days after the use by date is yoghurt safe to eat” and “Disproving Murphy´s Law”.

The winners of the Duperier Award each receive a 50% grant towards their registration costs at the London International Youth Science Forum. All the other students taking part, also received a Diploma from the British Council School.

The other 4 projects, also of the highest quality, were:

  • “Which genre of music has most effect on blood pressure and heart rate during exercise?”
  • “How do electromagnetic fields affect the growth of bacteria”
  • “Is it feasible to produce electricity by using the kinetic energy of cars going over speed bumps?”
  • "Is your toothbrush dangerous? (investigating the growth of bacteria on toothbrush under different conditions)”

On this year´s Jury were Santiago Lamas, CSIC Research Professor at the CSIC-UAM Combined Centre for Molecular Biology,"Severo Ochoa"; Mary Jenny Duperier, the daughter of Professor Duperier and the Marquise of Goubea; Norman Roddom, Deputy Headmaster at the British Council School; and Zahara Delgado, Science Teacher and Excellence Practitioner, at the School.

What was again evident at this year´s Duperier Award, was the tremendous Science potential of our students, their effort and dedication, as well as the very high level of the projects, which they put forward.

Congratulations to everyone on a great job and thank you also to all the teachers involved, for all their hard work, on this great Science adventure.