By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

01 June 2018 - 10:07

British Council School realiza un viaje por las culturas del mundo

In May, our students in Primary had the opportunity to take an incredible trip around different world cultures. They took advantage of the global perspective offered by the Anthropology Museum in Madrid. A journey through a variety of cultures highlighting the richness of diversity in the World. Something very much in line with the School´s own objectives in providing a multilingual and multicultural education.

The National Museum of Anthropology was the first museum of its kind in Spain. It was established on the personal initiative of Pedro González Velasco, a doctor from Segovia who invested all his savings in having the museum built. It was designed by the architect Marqués de Cubas. It was inaugurated in 1875 by King Alfonso XII as the Anatomy Museum, but it has always been know as the Anthropology Museum. After the Doctor´s death, the museum was taken over by the State.

Pedro González Velasco´s original collection was made up of artefacts from the 3 different “kingdoms” in nature - animal, vegetable and mineral -, as well as samples of physical anthropology and teratology and also antiquities and other ethnographic objects. It could be thought of as a real “curiosity shop”.

Today, without losing sight of its heritage, the Museum has developed into an institution whose main aim is to promote values of appreciation and respect for cultural diversity. That´s why the Museum´s permanent exhibition is dedicated to providing a global view of different cultures around the world. Visitors are able to enjoy the richness of culture on offer.