By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

29 June 2017 - 13:42

Teatro británico

DDIONISIS. We still have time. We shall leave all of this and we shall go to London...


PAULA. Do you know how to speak English?

DIONISIS. No. But we shall go to a village on the outskirts of London. People in London speak English and they are all filthy rich and they have a lot of money to spend on such nonsense. But the people living in the villages on the outskirts of London are poorer and they don't have money to learn about such matters. They speak like you and me...They talk just like in any other village in the World!...And they live very happily!...

PAULA. But there are so many detectives in England!...

Tres sombreros de copa. Miguel Mihura.

Some 25 years ago, Ms. Paloma Sigüenza began her professional career at the British Council School as our Theatre teacher, staging Miguel Mihura's exceptional work: Tres sombreros de copa. In Tres sombreros de copa, Mihura juxtaposes two worlds, the conventional world of Dionisis and the more bohemian world of Paula. He achieves a happy marriage of poetry and sentimentality with humour and satire.

It is a work with a surprising ending and it got all of those there on the 10th of June, very excited....especially Paloma Sigüenza herself. The alumini at the School had wanted to pay a surprise tribute by putting on this, work, the first time they had all taken to the stage at school and the first time they had felt the emotion and the magic of theatre. Feelings they still share as adults.

A whole year of clandestine rehearsals, top secrecy amongst all those involved and, of course, much love and expectation. These were the ingredients of an unforgettable present, for our dear Paloma, who was given a standing ovation from a sell-out audience.