By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

04 October 2019 - 13:18

The School believes that School Trips are an essential part of a good educational model, showing students how to live together. As well as providing students with a full range of interesting activities, they also help them to be more self-assured, to be more self-confident and to be interested in new things and new challenges. Our students in KS3 have just come back from an outdoor trip full of renewed energy to face a new, challenging Term. As they do every year, the KS3 Secondary students have been on an intense field-trip full of exciting activities. Living together also strongly, reinforces the School´s Values of Caring, Flexibility, Resilience, Challenge and Loyalty.

After great feedback from the trip last year, we decided to go back to Los Molinos. Our intrepid adventurers were able to practice their orienteering skills, working in teams and passing different tests. They also had the chance to practice mental skills like critical thinking. It goes to show, how holistic students are those who are able to learn as much outside, as inside, the classroom.

Planned activities are designed to develop creativity and help students to be more self-reliant. They also reinforce values such as teamwork, respect and harmonious living, which are the basic pillars of the British Council School´s education system.

With great memories of an exciting trip, they are now back in their classrooms looking forward to the rest of the Term.

Bold adventurers, welcome home!