By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

25 April 2019 - 11:14

Our students in Year 9, once again got up on stage to show off their oratory skills. It was a difficult job for the jury, made up of Andy Mackay (Director of the British Council in Spain), Norman Roddom (Deputy Head of School) and Shelagh Connors (ex-Teacher at the School).

Our Declamation Day was in April in front of an audience consisting of parents, classmates and teachers. The students taking part were able to prove their public speaking fluency, their self-confidence and their high level of English. They were able to speak very well on a whole range of interesting topics and current affairs, from climate change and Women´s equality, to consumerism, refugees, the dangers of hyper-connectivity and the death penalty.

At the School, we firmly believe in the importance of mastering the art of public speaking. This is an essential skill to face up to the challenges of a future working life. Amongst other things, oratory helps to develop valuable skills such as vocalisation, intonation, tangible improvement in both grammar and vocabulary, as well as non-verbal communication, and the use of silences and pausing to be able to dominate a conversation, adding emphasis when necessary.

That´s why our children begin public speaking from Early Years and Primary, taking part in our Choral Speaking competitions. These have become important events, enabling parents to see first-hand the development of their children´s speaking fluency. Once they get to Secondary, they begin to practice the art of Declamation. They deliver speeches and recite stories and develop the confidence to speak in public to the highest standards.

Our most sincere congratulations to all our Declamation Day participants, for all their hard work, skill and fluency. And, of course, congratulations as well to all their teachers who were watching on proudly in the audience, admiring all the good work.