By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

10 February 2018 - 11:19

Charla del apego seguro en El Británico

The strength of the relationship between parents, as main carers and their children, is going to have a major effect on how these develop in School and through later life. This relationship is going to affect their future mental, physical, social and emotional wellbeing. When we talk about a secure attachment, we don´t mean the amount of parenting attention or love, we mean the non-verbal emotional communication between parents and children. And, whilst it is easier to form this secure attachment bond with babies, it can, in fact, be created at anytime and at any age.

Conscious of the importance of this subject and with the British Council School emphasising a holistic (social, emotional and academic) developmental approach in children, we have organised a workshop for parents in Early Years: How to ensure a secure attachment? This has been based on a number of studies which conclude that a strong and secure attachment is indeed a key factor, strongly related to childrens´ own success at School.

A secure attachment not only reinforces the feelings of happiness and wellbeing in small children, but also brings benefits in terms of their social skills, inquisitiveness, fun games, richer experiences, good relations with classmates and the acceptance of boundaries imposed by teachers or the task at hand. It generates a way of behaving which is clearly linked to those good early realtionships, in which the child is able to find the keys to future successful emotional and social development. These kind of workshops are well appreciated by parents at the School and they also help to foster good relations and guarantee the wellbeing of children.