By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

15 October 2019 - 09:30

With the academic year already underway, October is traditionally election month, when our Secondary students have to choose Head Students (Year 13) and Junior Head Students (Year 9). These are important decisions because these will be representatives who will act as intermediaries between the rest of the students, the teachers and the rest of the School, etc. This year, our students have taken the process so seriously, that, for the first time, they have organised an open meeting to be able to meet and talk to candidates ahead of the elections.

As well, as being important because of choosing representatives and intermediaries, electoral processes also allow our students to understand first hand one of the basic principles of democracy and participation. Students get experience preparing and running election campaigns, understand the importance of voting, get a sense of fair play and appreciate he need for a rigorous counting process. And, of course, even if they don´t get the desired result, they should accept this in a sporting manner.

This year the main new development has been something akin to an election debate. Our students organised a meeting where candidates were able to talk to potential voters and explain their proposals and programmes. The meeting, called “The Hustings” , took part in the Auditorium a few days before the vote, so that everyone could quietly reflect on their decision.

As on other occasions, amongst other suggestions, the students in Year 13, presented key electoral promises such as, having a greater number of charity “no uniform days”, a larger number of sporting events and more activities related to photography and art.

There was wide participation amongst the students in Secondary who in the end voted for and chose their own representatives. A magnificent example of democracy in action!