By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

19 December 2017 - 10:23

Encestando en El Británico con Nikola Lončar

At the same time as the international schools basketball competition, our Secondary students also had the opportunity to meet Nikola Lončar and get some tips and tricks from a real basketball professional, ahead of their own sporting challenges. The ex-professional, currently commentating on NBA games for Movistar Plus, visited the School and answered each and every one of our students´ questions.

Our Secondary students who play in the BCS Basketball Clinic team, were clearly, very impressed by Lončar´s skills and experience, one of the most successful European basketball players in the 90s and in the 2000´s. Welcoming and friendly and with a impressive collection of titles (2 national leagues, 3 national cups, a European league, a Eurobasket, a World Cup and a Silver Medal in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games), this serbian-spanish player stands out more than just by his 1.98m height.

A great player and an excellent communicator, in between telling them stories and making them laugh, Nikola Lončar, was also able to show our students something more important than just basketball skills: he showed them how important it is to have fun on the court and how important fairplay and healthy competition between friends and rivals are.

This was a key lesson, in the same week as the competitive international schools tournament, including matches and friendly training sessions where everybody taking part was a winner.

Thank you Nikola Lončar for an exciting and unforgettable morning.