By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

28 February 2020 - 15:21

Caring and Loyalty are two of the most important Values which we try to instill in our children, from when they start in School at the age of two. With the first of these values, children grow up and develop in a caring and protective environment and they also learn to care for others. With the second, students share a sense of responsibility towards their classmates and they mutually support one another. A very good way of developing these values is through the Playground Friends initiative which we have in Year 1.

Break time is an excellent opportunity for our students to develop their physical and mental skills, as they investigate and learn about different games and activities. But it is also an ideal moment to test the values which we collect in the British Council School's Golden Rules: listen; try your best; be kind; be gentle; look after things and be honest.

During break time, the children in Year 1 help those looking after them to see that the playground runs happily, that everyone is observing the Golden rules, and that the behaviour of their classmates is appropriate. In case that it isn't, they will let the playground supervisor know and will also speak directly to whoever is breaking the rules, and let them know why it is important to behave well at break times.

The children who are responsible in this way wear a reflective jacket and are given a diploma which recognises their work at the end of the week. Each week, a new set of Year 1 Playground Friends is chosen.

The School is very proud of our students' commitment and their sense of responsibility in behaving well and looking to see that others do so as well.