By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

25 October 2019 - 09:05

Music has always been a differentiating factor for our School and for our students. And we want it to continue to be so. In this regard, we were able to proudly witness the musical excellence of our students at the Music21 diploma awards, proof of their excellent results and their strong academic effort. In total there were 170 diplomas awarded to all those who had passed their ABRSM and Rock School exams.

At the British Council School, Music is part of our students´ day to day lives. It makes them more open minded and gives them the opportunity to develop skills such as concentration, emotional intelligence and social cohesion, working together on joint projects and in musical groups. On the 22nd of October we were able to see for ourselves the end results of this hard work and strong academic effort, at what was a very exciting ceremony in the Auditorium in Secondary.

The welcome was given by Marek Dabrowski, Music & Performance Leader. This was followed by another great speech by our violin teacher, Rafael Villanueva. The main event was the performance given by those students with the highest marks. The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music certificates for violoncello, flute, saxophone, trumpet, violin, singing, piano and Music theory, were handed out by Music21 teachers. And the Rock School awards were handed out by electric guitar and percussion teachers. The School´s Headmistress, Mercedes Hernández Estrada, closed the ceremony, obviously very proud of the talent and and excellence on display from our students.

Music21 is a team of highly qualified teachers with an average 20 years´ experience in developing young musical talent. The Music training which they offer our students is not just about mastering the technical requirements of playing an instrument, but also about the development of key skills such as teamwork, discipline, rhythm, coordination, artistic sensitivity and stage presence.