By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

04 December 2017 - 16:00

El Británico en el mundial de gimnasia estética

We would like to congratulate Chiara, our Year 13 student on her success, together with the rest of her team in the World Aesthetic Group Gymnastics, which took place in Chicago, on 23rd to 26th of November. They reached a magnificent 8th position in the World rankings. The Alfa Pozuelo Aesthetic Club proudly took part in the competition, representing Spain and Pozuelo and put on a beautiful routine which places them amongst the top 10 teams in the world.

 Aesthetic Group Gymnastics is a type of gymnastics based on natural body movements. The sport originated around 100 years ago in Finland and has an International Federation as well as various other national federations and associations in different countries. Its main feature is that of natural, flowing body positions, characterised by their dynamic, extended and rapid movements. There are a number of compulsory elements such as waves, swings, balances, turns, jumps, dance moves and lifts, which all require physical attributes such as coordination, flexibility, strength and speed.

This discipline also incorporates artistic expression, the structure of the exercise routine and its harmony with the music. It is different to Artistic or Rhythmic Gymnastics because there is no special equipment used. On the other hand, innovative costumes, hair accessories and make-up are very important. The exercise routines last a maximum of  2’45” and there is a mixed category for groups made up of both boys and girls.