By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

18 September 2018 - 12:25

Estrenamos edificio de Early Years en el colegio británico

Nerve-wracking! Our youngest students are starting out at “big-boy School”. For those attending both Somosaguas and El Viso Schools everything is new: new teachers, new friends, new timetables and also new classrooms. With a few nerves, the odd tear, and a few anxious looks from parents, they are beginning their journey at the British Council School. Parents, please don´t worry! Your children are in the best possible hands and have the very best facilities to help them learn, to make them feel comfortable and to ensure they enjoy this new phase in their lives.

Did you know that the physical teaching environment can affect learning performance by as much as 25%? According to a study carried out by Salford University (Manchester), certain factors such as classroom orientation, natural light, noise levels, colours and even air quality can have an influence on learning.

Conscious of the importance of teaching spaces, the School has begun a total renovation of the Early Years building, starting with the classrooms in Year 1. The project includes more open, more transparent classrooms, promoting natural light and trying to keep a harmonious flow and feel with outside spaces.

A new year with new classroom spaces. More flexible, with better light, more comfortable and more efficient as befits a 21st Century School.

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