By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

08 January 2019 - 10:11

The School's youngest students closed the term with their own 2018 Christmas Show. The event included dancing as well as Christmas Carols and our Nursery and Reception children managed to thrill and excite us with their grace and flair.

True to the bicultural and bilingual spirit of the School, the children had a great time singing traditional Christmas Carols both in Spanish and in English. “Ya vienen los Reyes Magos”, “Navidad con Paz”, “Jingle Bells” and” My Christmas Tree” were some of the carols ringing out in the sweet voices of our smallest students. The final cherry on the cake of our Christmas Concert, was when everybody there, students, teachers and the rest of the audience finished off by singing “We wish you a Merry Christmas” together.

And, because Christmas just isn't Christmas without our much loved Santa Claus, we also had a visit from him. Our favourite bearded man arrived at the British Council School in his red suit and white beard, asking our children want they wanted for Christmas.

Very excited, our students from Early Years were able to get close to Santa, remind him that they had been good children and were able to tell him about the presents they had asked for in their letters. And so, full of expectation, they said goodbye to 2018 by going to School in home clothes. They also managed to have a great Christmas Party, full of games, activities and Christmas Carols before heading off on their well deserved holidays.