By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

27 February 2019 - 09:36

The hyper-connectivity of children and teenagers on the Internet and on social networks exposes them to dangers which even parents, are often not aware of. The School is well aware of this problem, and that´s why we organised a Secure Internet Day at the School Theatre for all the parents of children in Primary. This was led by Sonja Uhlmann, (Child Protection Manager), Maria Jesús Pérez (Wellbeing Coordinator) and Claudia Xibixell (Adviser).

Almost 94% of children between the ages of 10 and 15 years old have access to the Internet, 95% have a computer. And the percentage of teenagers between 12 and 16 , who have a mobile phone is extremely high. Over 41% of 11 year olds, 75% of 13 year olds and over 90% of 15 year olds have a mobile. These are the latest figures from the National Institute of Statistics. Furthermore, they also warn that, whilst, the legal age for using social networks is 14, almost 41% of minors between the ages of 9 and 13, have their own profile on a network. Many of these with the help of their parents.

Sonja Uhlmann emphasised the high level of risk on the Internet and talked about the need to “make the kids more aware” of the risks that exist as well as ways in which they can navigate social networks more safely. One pertinent statistic is that as many as 82% of on-line sexual offences are facilitated by social networks. Uhlmann also highlighted the primary role which both teachers and parents have in raising awareness about these issues.

The day also included participants from the National Police´s Brigade for Citizen Security, who visited the School from the local police station in Pozuelo de Alarcón. They spoke about other possible security problems in schools, how to behave in trying to resolve conflicts, how to evaluate different threats of violence and about how to recognise problems in the classroom, such as bullying. They also spoke about maintaining appropriate standards of equality and non-discrimination. In fact, everything needed to make the School a safe and secure environment.