By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

25 January 2019 - 12:10

Last Tuesday, 22nd of January, The British Council School Theatre was once again sold-out for the now traditional Music21 Primary Winter Concert. Taking part were our students from KS1 (Year 1, 2, 3) and KS2 (Year 4, 5 y 6). A magnificent programme under the careful direction of Kevin Robb, Music21 Coordinator and Marek Dabrowski, Music & Performance Leader. Our young musicians were able to delight the audience with their professionalism and the quality of their musical interpretations.

Around 2.00pm, the Concert was opened by our oldest children there. The KS2 Cello Ensemble played two pieces from P. Rolland, “Dreamy Eyed Su” and “Cradle Song”. This was followed by piano interpretations from our Year 4 Piano Ensemble, “At the Bridge¨, a traditional Russian song and “Living in a flat” by C. Norton. The Year 5 Piano Ensemble played “German Lullaby” by L. Koehler and Wales´s “Deep the Silence”. And the piano finale was our Year 6 Piano Ensemble interpreting “Welcome to Winter” by R. Korsakov and “Litle March” by F. Emonts. This was followed by our KS2 Guitar Ensemble really getting the audience going with their version of “Let it be” by Lennon and McCartney and “Frozen River” in the inimitable Rockschool style, with arrangements from D. Zamorano. The Concert close came from the KS2 Orchestra with Monday´s “Harvest Reel” and “Largo” by A. Dvorak.

Our KS1 performances also got standing ovations. At 3.15pm, our Year 1 Orchestras began with “Variations on Twinkle Twinkle” by Suzuki, and “Carmen´s Habanera” by Bizet. And Year 2 played “Paganini” and “Rock and Cha Cha Cha” from Stradivarius. Year 2 Piano Ensemble performed “Mi Little Horse” by J. Bastien and the traditional“Mary had a Little Lamb”. In a different vein, our Year 3 Piano Ensemble opted for a traditional French song “Sur la Peluse” and “Skip to my Lou” by J. Bastien. Year 2 & Year 3 Cello Ensemble delighted the audience with their version of “Winter is coming: Snowflakes -Roundabout Winter breeze -Lighthouse” by K. H. Colledge. KS1 Guitar Ensemble went for three traditional song “Sur le Pont d´Avignon”, “Merrily we Roll Along” and “Winter Rhyme”. It was a fabulous Concert, rounded off by our Year 3 Orchestra with another three traditional songs, the last two with arrangements by one of our teachers Mr R. Villanueva, “Rocanroleando Ma Non Troppo”, “Seminola Chant” and “Bim Bam Bim Bam Biri Biri Bam”.

We are tremendously proud. Our most sincere congratulations to our very talented youngsters as well as the whole of the team from the Music department. They all contributed to a most enjoyable Concert of the highest musical calibre.