By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

23 January 2019 - 12:37

Our Year 7 students were crowned as Champions of the International Schools Junior Football Tournament, with a resounding victory over the teams from Holy Mary and Hastings. Once more our players were able to show off their excellent play, their sportsmanship and their teamwork.

8 teams from 4 international schools competed in the competition which took part on the 17th of January. There were 3 teams from Holy Mary, 2 from Hastings, 1 from St. Georges and 2 from the British Council School. Our two sides gave their all, battling until the end, but with very different fortunes.

Our Yellow BCS team didn´t make it into the play-off game for 3rd and 4th places and were eliminated in the group phase. The BCS Red team however, had much better luck, with some very convincing results in the group phase. They beat Holy Mary2 by 12 goals to 1, Hastings 7-1 and Holy Mary3, 9-1.

The final was also a great footballing spectacle with lots of goals. Our very young Champions were able to raise the Winner´s Cup with a decisive 6-0 victory against Holy Mary1.

Our most sincere congratulations to everyone involved, all the players and coaches who were part of the winning side and also those others who fought valiantly without winning. They were all able to understand how to win or to lose, always having a great time, never giving up and everyone representing the School with great pride.