By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

26 June 2018 - 09:38

El final de un viaje en British Council School

We are saying goodbye to another academic year. And we are also saying goodbye to our dear students in Year 13. They have been with us until the end of this marvellous journey, progressing through the School. Now starts a new and even more passionate adventure, which will begin after their much deserved holidays. Next stop: University.

Once again this year, our Baccalaureate students have demonstrated that they are well prepared to face all future challenges. We have had 114 students, the largest number ever, sitting the 2018 EvAU exam. They passed with an average mark of 7.83 out of 10. Our most sincere congratulations to all of them. And also to their teachers who have been by their side, helping them to overcome all obstacles in their way.

They know that they have access to some of the best Universities in the world and now is the time when they have to decide where they want to continue studying. 60% of our students graduating this year, already have offers from colleges in the UK, the USA and other European universities. Those who decide to stay in Spain go to some of the best private and publc universities in this country.

We will be thinking of you over the Summer, and we shall look forward to hearing from you, where you have decided to go in September. On behalf of the School, we want to wish you all the best and also to say thank you for having taken this beautiful journey with us.