By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

30 January 2018 - 11:19

Taller para padres sobre inteligencia emocional en El Británico

Continuing with the programme of talks organised in Primary and aimed at parents, the subject in January was “Emotional Intelligence: how to manage self-confidence and tolerance to feelings of frustration”. Given by the Schools´s Wellbeing Group as a workshop, the talk included a theoretical introduction followed by a more practical second half with help and advice on how to manage some of the issues raised.

Schooling children in the area of emotional intelligence, that is, helping them to understand feelings and emotions so that they can express these adequately, is a fundamental part of their development. The School places a very high level of importance in this area. That´s why, as well as providing students with all the emotional tools to allow them to navigate different life stages as successfully as possible, we also want to work with parents. We want to help parents in this same learning process, so that we can jointly encourage a whole range of behaviours and attitudes in children. To make them more emotionally intelligent.

The next set of talks will be on the 21st of March on “Developing an Effort Culture: study and homework techniques”, and on the 24th of May on “Sexual Development in Children and Teenagers: the importance of body image”.