By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

29 January 2019 - 12:32

This month, our Year 4 students have enjoyed a very special visitor to the School. One of their favourite writers, Elvira Menéndez, author of the book “Chaos at the Supermarket”, which they have read in class, was at School telling lots of stories, which is what she is really good at.

“I am short and I´m not wealthy, but I do have a vivid imagination”, she said to the children. “And, my imagination has helped me to live many different lives. She is a Drama graduate, who has managed to combine her more literary side as a story teller and scriptwriter, with being a professional actress, working both in classic and contemporary theatre as well as in television. She has acted in over 30 series such as Hospital Central, Lobos, 7 Vidas, and also children´s programmes like Sesame Street and La Bola de Cristal.

With a very dynamic and entertaining talk, she soon captured the audience, telling them anecdotes and answering all their questions. Amongst other stories, she explained how her book, “Chaos at the Supermarket”, was written together with her husband. When she presented it for publication, it was so well liked that they asked her to write others in a similar style. So she went on to write a few more like “Chaos at the Wedding”, “Chaos at School”, “Chaos at the Carnaval”, etc.

She has always enjoyed telling stories, the funnier, the better. “I wanted to write books that were as much fun, as if they were cartoons”, and she had this idea to write books about chaos “Because they get children hooked on reading. And I really want them to read”. Elvira Menéndez encouraged our students to read more, because “books lead to many different things”, and “reading helps with studying”. “Whatever you do in Life, can be done better with books”, she said.

Thank you very much Elvira, for all your advice and for all your exciting stories which are so enjoyable and encourage us all, to read more books.