By School Community

28 November 2023 - 12:32

Choral Speaking

Declamation Speech, what is it?

When we talk about Declamation Speech we are talking about the next step up from Choral Speaking. What is Choral Speaking? An opportunity for Primary pupils to develop their public speaking skills and creativity by performing a skit on the stage of the British School Theatre. On this occasion, the students of Secondary will be presented with a similar situation to the one they were presented with in Primary but with new goals to achieve. The Declamation Speech presents a space where students will be able to present their own texts, poetry and even creative writing in the 4 languages offered by the school; English, French, German and even Chinese. Spanish is not as present at this event as there is a day dedicated entirely to Spanish literature (Poetry Day).

English, French, German and Chinese

Making speeches in these four languages represents the linguistic and cultural diversity in the British Council School. English as a global lingua franca, French with its elegance and sophistication. German, valued for its precision and intellectual depth; and finally, Chinese, with its rich history. Each of these languages brings its uniqueness and character to the speeches, reflecting the diversity and importance of multilingual communication in today's world. Moreover, in this way, students can present and demonstrate their language skills and knowledge in different languages.

And what do our pupils talk about?

Secondary students have the opportunity to talk about the topic that most motivates and excites them. Teachers usually give a general topic to provide a short guide. These topics vary from the effect Shakespeare had on literature today to the importance of giving voice to our thoughts and opinions. From there, everyone can pull the thread and turn an idea into a piece of work. Be it a speech, a poem or even a short play. Creativity and originality are at the heart of Declamation Day. Students present their work to their class and from this they select who will represent the class on the day selected for the presentations. This chosen person will work together with their teacher so that when the time comes to present their work they can do so in the best possible way and with the peace of mind and confidence of a prepared person.

Present and learn

In short, the opportunities don't end at primary school. Our students are provided with continuous learning and constant support. Like Choral Speaking in Primary, Declamation Speech works on public speaking and language development across the board to keep students motivated. The physical space with a stage and spotlights; and the moral space where every idea and presentation is welcome, helping and encouraging the development of all at the British Council School.