By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

29 June 2017 - 17:05

El Británico

This year it was the turn of the cello's from the British Council School who under the perfectly harmonious baton of Lucía García Fernández, were able to delight those attending the Children's Theatre at the Niño Jesús Hospital. They gave an emotive concert, playing various different popular songs and film soundtracks. The Concert was organised by Música en Vena, the association which has made music the best medicine for children in hospital. Film soundtracks, always a winner, and letting the children play with the instruments themselves, were the best surprises of the afternoon.

Combining two of the Schools' greatest pillars, Music and our value of Caring, our students gave a half an hour rendition of their best melodies to all the young children, their families and other adults who keep them company and look after them day to day.

Música en Vena is a Charity Association which is dedicated to playing live music to patients, parents, and hospital staff, improving their stay in hospital. It has been running for 4 years in 14 hospitals in the Comunidad de Madrid, underwritten by the Madrid Public Health Service. In its first 3 years of operation, there have already been more than 300 concerts, working with 800 musicians and benefiting over 10.000 people.

Its aim, as they themselves put it, is to make a contribution towards improving Society through Music. To engender the function of Music as a tool for social action, to create new audiences and new spaces and to create new work opportunities for musicians.

The School, just didn't want to get left out of this great project and we contributed for a second year. We helped to take the joy of Music to those who need it most, helping them to feel better, if only for an afternoon.