By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

22 June 2018 - 10:21

British Council School comprometidos con el Medio Ambiente

Did you know that “plastic” was the most popular children´s word in 2018? Or that the supermarket chain Lidl has just announced they are scrapping plastic bags by the end of the year? And what about the fact that Ikea have also announced they are banning single-use plastics by 2020? In order to celebrate World Environment Day, our teachers in Primary have done a great job working on these subjects, helping students to think about them and come up with ideas to create a better World.

For a whole week, our Primary classes were using photos and drawings to make murals, doing workshops, including one making reusable boxes, really showing an inspirational commitment to the environment. Amongst other ideas, we had the suggestion of not using plastic bags during the Book Fair in Primary. It was a way of encouraging those who came, to use other kinds of bags and materials, less harmful to the environment.

Our students are also preparing another project, a piece of creative writing which will then be developed into a letter or perhaps a video. This will be aimed at Heads of Schools, so that they too can raise the profile of these subjects, so important for the future of our planet.

Environmental policy and sustainable development are very important to the School. Throughout the year, we run a variety of campaigns which try to involve students, because we believe that developing greater environmental consciousness and sensitivity, happens from an early age. That´s why we run environmentally friendly activities in class and have waste management campaigns through the various sections of the School.