By School Community

07 February 2024 - 11:31

Pamela O'Brien has been with us for approximately as many years as BIOOR. Since she started working here, she has done her bit every day to keep BIOOR up to date and present in the life of the school. When we asked her about BIOOR she had this to say:

Do you think BIOOR's participation and impact has increased?

BIOOR started before I joined the school. When I joined, it was clear to me that I wanted to volunteer and support in any way I could. Participation is enormous! Families, staff and students and other members of our school community make BIOOR what it is. When I hear the word BIOOR I think of the school community caring for those within our community and outside the community, working hard to achieve donations which can go to scientific investigation and help move towards a cure for cancer. It is really special for me when I meet the alumni who founded AVCS-BCS/BIOOR and I can share current successes with them.

Is there a BIOOR event you would highlight?

It has to be the BIOOR Fair where all sections of the school are together. It is not just about the generous donations from all but a chance to have a fun day being creative, having fun and giving a new home to our second-hand items which makes me feel so proud. I also must mention our Alex Anguita Young Entrepreneur Award which students try to win every year as part of our Economics curriculum. Their creativity and innovation always surprise me. Just how they can come up with a new idea every year and market it to a professional panel is incredible. In their first year in Economics, they are already being entrepreneurial. The fact that we create the winning product and make it available to collect donations for BIOOR makes it even more special. Lots of families will have the Tea Towel, the Britty Bear or the “State of Sock” socks from previous editions. I wonder what the students will come up with next!

What does BIOOR mean to you?

The words I would use to describe how I feel are proud and happy.