By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

30 January 2018 - 10:57

El Británico con los niños de Manila

Looking after and thinking about others, especially those who need it most - Caring, is one of the School´s most important values. From when they are very small, our students take part in voluntary work supporting the Comunidad. Sometimes a small gesture can go a long way, even as far as the Philippines.

Over the first few days of January, the 350 children who live in the 20 centres run by the ANAK TnK Foundation in Manila, received a real treasure-trove of letters and Christmas greetings sent by children from around Spain, including some from our own students. The Foundation looks after children who have decided to leave the streets, where they are barely able to survive on their own. After a year of adaptation where they are taught by the Foundation itself, they are ready to go to a local school and to begin to take part and integrate with society, once again.

The volunteers at ANAK TnK tell us that the children were really overjoyed and wanted to reply immediately, without waiting until their own Christmas letter writing workshops, which they also run. In fact, they also said that getting the cards was one of their most special Christmas moments, along with the 25th itself, when the children also received a small present each.

Our students are very aware that not all children are as fortunate as they are. They completely understand how important these gestures are and how important it is, to value looking after other people. Sometimes, something as simple as a Christmas card, full of good wishes, can make someone on the other side of the world, whom we dont know, very happy...