By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

18 September 2018 - 12:35

IV Edición de la Carrera Solidaria Médula Para Mateo 2018 en el colegio británico

Last Saturday, the 15th of September, coinciding with World Bone Marrow Donation Day, the School was once again able to show support by taking part in the Bone Marrow for Mateo 2018 Charity Race. Running, walking and others simply donating, we all wanted to lend our support. The campaign seeks to persuade people to become bone marrow donors, aimed at helping those who need transplants and fundraising for children´s cancer research through the Unoentrecienmil Foundation.

Elena and Eduardo, Mateo´s parents, are School alumni who continue to fight on a daily basis to make Society more aware of the need for more bone marrow donors. This is the only hope for many patients who suffer from leukemia. It was a bone marrow transplant which saved their son Mateo´s life when he was only 10 months old.

Mateo´s story, diagnosed with leukemia from the age of 2 months, was publicised around the world, thanks to his parents´ campaign simply called “Bone Marrow for Mateo”. In less than a year and thanks to the exposure on social media and the involvement of quite a few famous people from the the world of sport, culture, music and cinema, there were 30,000 donors who joined the campaign until finally, a suitable donor was found for Mateo.

Mateo is now a happy, smiling little boy, but there are many other patients who are still waiting for a bone marrow transplant to save their lives. The School would like to pledge its on-going support, joining Eduardo and Elena in their efforts to encourage other donors.