By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

15 February 2019 - 11:06

Did you know that St. Valentine´s Day has a christian origin? It commemorates the good deeds of St. Valentine of Rome and encompasses a wide concept of love and friendship. Whilst most people associate this date with romantic love, it is also true that since the !9th Century, it has been an event celebrated with friends, family or even just people who we choose to be kind to.

In School, the 14th of February is a celebration of friendship and solidarity, because we believe that the best way of celebrating love and friendship is precisely, to help others...

That´s why, over the last few weeks, our Secondary students have been using break times to sell flowers and bags of sweets with gift cards attached, for just 2 euros. All the monies collected are for the BCS-BIOOR Association of Volunteering, Citizenship and Support. This is the oncology research grant sponsored by the British Council School.

We wish you all a Happy and Charitable St. Valentine´s Day!!!!