By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

01 March 2018 - 11:17

San Valentin Bioor

We said goodbye to February, one of the most fun months of the year. In February, we usually run two of the events which our students, from the very ones in Early Years to the older ones in Secondary, look forward to most: Carnival and Valentine´s Day.

As every year, the School is full of colour, masks and music at the Carnival Party. Superheroes, princesses, gnomes, rockers, medieval knights, and all kinds of animals tookover the School on the 9th of February. They filled the classrooms and the playgrounds with colour and joy. We must also say thank for all the great work, to the students decorating the corridors.

And also in February, the students celebrated a special charitable Valentine´s Day. Although the day is traditionally associated with those in love, it is also increasingly celebrated as a day of friendship and in our case, we also make it a charity day. What better way to celebrate love and friendship, than by helping others...

That´s why, over a few weeks, our Secondary students were selling flowers and bags of sweets for only 2 euros at break times. These were all labelled, so that you could write the name of the intended recipient as well as a message. All the funds raised go towards the voluntary, charitable and colective BIOOR grant which the British Council School promotes and which raises money for oncology research.

Goodbye February! Spring is very nearly here!