By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

26 April 2018 - 16:31

Feria de universidades en British Council School

This April, and with a view to helping our Year 9 students choose their IGCSE and International GCSE options, which they must do before May, the School organised a School Careers Fair. For an hour or so, students were able to talk to professionals and ask open questions about the in´s and out´s of their chosen subjects. The aim was to be able to guide and help them with such an important decision.

Our students were able to have a closer initial contact with different professionals and these explained the nature of their work, how they arrived at their chosen profession, advantages and disadvantages and whatever other stories came up. This initial contact can provide them with some clues about what subjects to choose, their likely University courses and also a glimpse of their future working lives.

In total, 10 different professionals associated with the School, talked about their everyday working lives across 8 different specialities, popular both at University and in the job market: medical surgery, business studies, the environment, journalism, IT, teaching and robotics.

Our students were delighted and learned many new and interesting things, which no doubt will help them to get a little bit closer to their future working lives. On behalf of the School, we would also like to thank all those volunteers, parents, alumni and staff, for helping our students with their concerns and for answering all their questions.