By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

22 October 2018 - 15:16

One of the five fundamental values which we try and instill in our children from their first day at School is “Caring”. This means looking after others, supporting others and the need to always help those who have less opportunities or live in less privileged circumstances. At the British Council School we try and raise our students´ own moral and social awareness and we can proudly say, that they never cease to amaze us when we are talking about helping others.

This was certainly the case once again, on Friday, 5th of October, on Little Flag Day, one of the most important dates in the Red Cross´ calendar. On this day, the NGO throws itself into fundraising mode and channels Society´s kindness and support for those most vulnerable. On this occasion, the funds raised will be used to help the very smallest and their families. They will receive help with schooling, food, basic materials, lunchtime grants, entertainment in hospitals, social and psychological welfare, finding and counselling foster families, etc.

As on previous years, our children celebrated the day by coming to School without school uniform. In return for a donation of €1, they are able to spend a whole day at School in home clothes. This kind of initiative allows students and the British School Families to show their support for the Red Cross and say “Yes to Children and Young People”. They can help in the fight against poverty so that “thousands of children and youngsters at risk, don´t feel alone or different as a result of their vulnerabilities”. In essence “to help provide them, with a better future”.

Finally, we managed to raise 2,430.89€. Thank you very much everyone for your donation and participation!