By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

24 October 2017 - 13:19

Liber17 Colegio Británico

The School Headmistress Gillian Flaxman took part in the “Bilingualism for the Future of Communication in a Global World” round-table which was organised under the auspices of Liber 17, the International Book Fair supported by the Spanish Federation of Publishing Guilds. In its 35th year, the Fair is quite focused on the education sector and also on how the printed and digital word can in fact live happily side by side.

Representing the School, Gillian Flaxman presented the British Council School´s educational model which is based on the Foundation Stage and in which the printed book still plays a key role in the intellectual and emotional development of its students. In the same way, Antonio María Ávila, the Executive Director at the Spanish Federation of Publishing Guilds emphasised that content which is presented exclusively in digital form, can present children with comprehension issues. He also supported the view that digital books are not just a black or white alternative to paper books, but that these should be complimentary, which is something usually accepted these days.

Gillian Flaxman also presented the Schools´ bilingual/bicultural education model and she explained the importance of educating students in different languages so that they have every opportunity to face future challenges in a global world.