By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

13 March 2018 - 09:04

Rugby en el British Council School

This year, more than 81 students make up the School´s KS1 rugby squad. With the objective of promoting Rugby values and also developing new sporting skills amongst our youngsters, the British Council School Foundation has agreed to work with the Pozuelo CRC Rugby Club.

Rugby engenders teamwork, respect, joy, discipline and sportsmanship. It is a sport full of tradition and heritage in which players often have a sense of belonging and commitment to their local community. Rugby provides a sporting experience which is very much in line with the British Council School´s own values (Caring, Loyalty, Flexibility, Resilience, Challenge).

These values and traditions develop from the very first time a young player shakes hands with an opponent, forging friendships and celebrating a common, life-long passion for the sport.

The British Council School and Pozuelo CRC have been collaborating since the beginning of 2018 to promote Rugby at the School, by developing a programme that seeks to encourage common values. We are also looking to encourage British Council School students to play and embrace Pozuelo CRC´s efforts and also to help spread the appeal of Rugby in Madrid, and indeed, in Spain as a whole.

Mr. Norman Roddom, Deputy Head at the British Council School, Mr. Aiden McCoy, Senior Manager in Primary and Secondary, and the President of the Pozuelo CRC Rugby Club, Mr Fernando Cantalapiedra, presented details of the collaborative plan to promote this sports project and to help spread Rugby in Madrid and throughout Spain. Some of these joints activities, promoting Rugby and the work of Pozuelo CRC, already take place at the British Council School. We want to stimulate both the interest and the participation in this sport.

At the same time the British Council School also encourages Rugby as part of its own out-of-school activities and we also encourage our students to join the different CRC team categories. In this way, we also help our students to continue their interest in sports, beyond their school years.