By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

08 January 2020 - 13:06

At the School, we consider that learning and developing leadership skills is something fundamental for our students. These are also increasingly sought after skills, by the world´s most important universities. This is why we offer our students the opportunity to take part in the United Nations Model, an international programme where they can role-play diplomatic meetings and international relations practicing debating and negotiation. As part of the programme, we were delighted to host a visit from Edward Oakden, the British Ambassador in Jordan. This was a truly unique opportunity for our students. They were able to demonstrate their enormous interest for bilateral relations with this fascinating country, when they met the British diplomat.

Jordan has a strategic position in the Middle East. Many thousands of years ago the Nebateans also exploited this and founded a commercial empire whose remains we can still see in Petra. Over the last few years, Jordan has made a strong effort to put in place structural reforms across different service sectors, and this is bearing fruit. It is beginning to overcome a lack of natural resources and is becoming a regional benchmark in tourism, banking, education and health sectors. Its political stability is also crucial in guaranteeing the stability of the whole region. This makes it a very important strategic and geo-political centre.

Edward Oakden has a very distinguished diplomatic career and he spoke to our students about his wide experiences in the Middle East, and especially about his position as Ambassador in Jordan where he represents Her Majesty the Queen and the UK Government. Ambassadors are responsible for the management and tasks of the Embassy and its Consulates. Some of the main areas would include political and commercial representation, the development of trade and investment, cultural and press relations as well as visa and other consular services.

For the students who take part in the United Nations Model, being able to meet and talk openly with a top level diplomat is an incredible opportunity. Our students took full advantage and their enthusiasm impressed the Ambassador. It was a very interesting and constructive day which managed to heighten our students interest in international relations even further.