By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

27 June 2018 - 14:53

Batalla de bandas en British Council School

Wind, string and percussion...these are the weapons deployed in a war that all our students want to win. The Class Bands in Year 7 have been fighting it out in our “Battle of the Bands” competition. This is a hectic musical event, dynamic and very competitive, with our students putting their musical skills to the test.

In the morning, on the 15th of June, and under the watchful eye and direction of their Music21 teachers, the School Theatre was full of the sound of winning chords. The quality of the music meant that in the end, everyone was a winner,

Music fills every corner of our School from Infants through to Secondary. ClassBand is part of our academic curriculum, and it allows our students between Years 5 and 7 to learn a musical instrument. We have a classical orchestra, percussion, wind and guitar groups, as well as rock bands and various choirs. Each week, there are around 450 music lessons in specialist rooms, perfectly set up with recording and playback equipment.

That´s why, when we listen to these battles, as we have done in June, we know we are getting it right. Congratulations to all those who have taken part, and also to their teachers. Thanks to everyone for their commitment and for providing us with an unforgettable morning.