By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

20 March 2018 - 12:24

Las campeonas de baloncesto del Coelgio Británico

We would like to congratulate our girl basketball champions. On this occasion, their effort, good game and fairplay have brought them, their just reward, a magnificent win. Our female basketball team provided an object lesson in sportsmanship in the International Schools´ Basketball Championship. They demonstrated some of the main values which we teach at the School. And they also managed to raise the trophy.

All day long, our students showed off their best sporting behaviour, an excellent game and total commitment, both individually and as a team effort. It was a pleasure to watch and everyone noticed.

Our players easily won their matches and played as a complete team, including all the assistant coaches who also exhibited great professional attitude and sporting prowess.

Our most sincere congratulations. We are tremendously proud of how you wore the School colours and for representing us so well. Your behaviour is a real example of good sportsmanship and fairplay. Congratulations, let´s keep on winning!