By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

30 January 2018 - 11:41

Animal Farm emociona en El Británico

 A revolution is brewing amongst the animals at Manor Farm. They have been subjected to a life of slavery for too long. They are forced to work and when they are considered too old to work, they are sent to the slaughterhouse by the oppressive, heavy hand of man. It is time for change, but how? This classic storyline is the well known work of George Orwell. It was masterfully staged by the British theatre company Barricade Arts, at the British Council School Theatre, in January. It was watched by an excited audience, made up of our own students as well as those of other local schools.

In cooperation with the British Council School, Barricade Arts brought their production to Madrid, bringing to life this iconic Orwell novel, in a stylish way, with a small cast and heavily influenced by the style of Brecht and Berkoff. It explored the nature of work and questioned the dichotomy between human and animal identity.

Based in London, Barricade Arts Ltd is a theatre company dedicated to creating and developing experimental art with performances of the highest quality. Using physical theatre and the help of the choir, the animals work on making a variety of human worktools in different parts of the farm. The performance combined acting and live music with immersive sound technology. It was a real treat, an exciting and contemporary version of “Animal Farm”, in front of a most appreciative School theatre audience.

All in all, a magnificent production, which gave our students much to think about.