By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

25 April 2018 - 09:49

Olympic Day en el Británico

As they do each year in April, our Key Stage 4 students have had one of the most exciting days of the School Year, the Family Olimpic Day. Athletics, jumping, throwing, sack races and relay races, choreographed floor exercises...They all contributed to a feeling of euphoria, high adrenaline and healthy rivalry which our Family system encourages. This is a day where atheleticism combines with values which are an essential part of the School. Values such as fairplay, temwork and loyalty.

Effort and competitiveness are usual at the British Council School and our Family Olimpic Days are one of the best examples of this. Our students gave their all, alongside their Families and teachers, in what was also a day full of support and encouragement and the recognition of the hardwork needed to get the best results.

Our School Family system is a pioneering method in Spanish education which, amongst others, has the advantage of promoting the sense of belonging to a group, reinforcing values of solidarity, tolerance and teamwork. From the ages of 5 to 18, our students build relationships and friendships which can last a lifetime. The youngest ones feel protected and the oldest develop a sense of responsibility. These relationships between children of all ages, encourages their social skills.

Many thanks to all our students for their enthusiasm and energy. Thank you to the Physical Education Department for their excellent logistical skills in planning all the races. And thank you also to all the Family Leaders and teachers for their motivation and support. Thank you to everyone, for making this Family Olympic Day another totally unforgettable one!