By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

28 May 2018 - 11:24

El Museo del Británico

Since 2016, and largely on the initiative of Chris Noton, one of our most senior Art teachers, the School has its very own contemporary art museum exhibiting a total of 319 works of art, across 14 different albums, all by our Secondary students. It´s an on-line museum hosted on Flickr, a platform which allows you to keep, organise, look for and share photographs and videos via the Internet, with over 100 million users and with millions of pictures uploaded everyday.

The School has always wanted to take Art out of the classroom because we firmly believe that it is a key component of our students´ creative development. That´s why we encourage all of our students to build their art skills and get them to learn a variety of techniques to express their sensitivity, including digital design.

We want our students to have the opportunity of exploring, discussing and developing their artistic talents and we encourage them to express their enthusiasm, independence and appreciation of Art. And we, of course, want them to be able to exhibit their work freely and to be able to show off their abundant talents and imagination publicly, so that everybody can enjoy these.

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