By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

29 June 2017 - 18:05


At the British Council School, we believe that each School stage is unique and going up from Primary to Secondary or finishing school to go to university, are two of the key moments in the life of our students. That is why they deserved a great celebration! This is an annual tradition, maintained year after year, where we have a small ceremony, inviting parents and handing out diplomas and certificates to all the students.

As with every academic year, we had a small graduation ceremony celebrating Year 6 saying goodbye to Primary. There were sppeches from the head students, their memories of when they went through this stage themselves, songs and a feeling of out with the old and in with the new, welcoming change.

In the case of our Bachillerato graduation, this is probably the most exciting event in the School year. The vast majority of our students spend 15 years at School, from when they are infants until the ages of 17 or 18. This parting, into a new world, full of new opportunities is a very special moment for British Council School students. Many of them will leave Spain and go on to university in other countries.

That is why we try to make it a really special send-off for the School, the teachers, the family and of course, the students. An emotional and formal ceremony where special guests, the British Ambassador to Spain, some of our alumni and class monitors give short speeches and we hand out prizes. The Bachillerato, prizes such as the Comunidad de Madrid award for Excellence as well as other well deserved awards recognising our students' achievements.