By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

24 April 2018 - 10:37

V Concierto en Birtish Council School

Our 5th British Council School Friends Concert was held at the School Theatre on the 11th of April. It was a resounding success. A full-house gave a standing ovation to the orchestra made up of alumni, current students, teachers from the Music department and some reknown professional musicians associated with the School. This was the School´s music at its best, in a unique and free concert, with an excellent programme, just like the orchestra itself, full of both old and new.

Year after year, the School´s Friends Concert highlights the bond that exists between students from different eras, bringing together the best, past and present, around the School´s teaching of different musical instruments. This is somehing we have done for more than 20 years now. It is the most important event in the School´s Societies calendar, grouping alumni around Music.

Music is in fact a key part of the cultural, social and humanist education of students at the British Council School. That is why we include it in all the different stages of educational development, both on and off the curriculum. The purpose of the School is to offer all students music opportunities, trying always to maintain the highest possible standards. This means not just teaching those with the best musical talent, but also being able to offer a chance for those who just want to learn and enjoy different experiences. Or even those who have a passion for Music and want to develop their talents in this way, as they go through the School´s classrooms and indeed in later life.



- Concert in G major for Viola (Largo and Allegro)

G.Ph. Telemann. Soloist: Sefa Lafarga

- Con Cierto Eco (in the style of Vivaldi). Rafael Villanueva.

- Light of the Seven (from the series Game of Thrones). R. Djawadi.

Arrangement: Rafael Villanueva


- Waiting on the World to Change. J. Mayer

- I Need You. P. CArregloack

- All Sta. Smash Mouth


- Eulogy in Mim (nº3). G. Bottesini. Solista: Toni García Araque.

- Piano: Marcelino López.


- Harlem Nocturne. E. Hagen. Arreglo: Peter Blair

- Soul Bossa Nova. Quincy Jones. Arreglo: Mike Lewis


- Thaïs Meditation. J. Massenet. Soloist: Jorge Suso.

-The Great Gate of Kiev. M. Mussorgsky. Arrangement: D. Stone


- “H.” Migahawk

Musical Directors:

Orchestra: Borja Quintas/Rafael Villanueva

Big Band: Pablo Castaño

The SacapelaS: Eric Peters

Musical Coordinator: Rafael Villanueva

Coordinator: Janou Batlle