By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

12 April 2019 - 13:33

In April, the British Council School Theatre had the honour and tremendous pleasure of staging a very special production. This was due both to the special significance of the occasion and the enormous commitment of those taking part. On the 4th of April we had an interpretation of “In Uranus, the Sun takes 42 years to set, before it shines once again”, directed by our own, much loved, Paloma Sigüenza. The production was a tribute, recognizing the tremendous work which this wonderful teacher has done at the School, over 42 years. It was, of course, a tremendous success.

As well as drama students from KS3, KS4 and KS5, also taking part were School alumni, Spanish and English teachers and other people from the wider School community. Directed by the expert hand of Paloma Sigüenza, the work brought together “small sketches” from different works, such as Blood Weddings, Yerma, Medea, Lumen, and All the World’s A Stage, amongst others.

With this production we have said goodbye to our own dear teacher Paloma Sigüenza, who is leaving the School after more than four decades of teaching. It is the last time she will work with the children at School. Although she will continue to work with our alumni theatre group, staging performances to raise money for various Charities.

As well as the performance itself, we have also provided another send off for Paloma Sigüenza by recording different poems using mobile phones. The recordings were made by different members of the School community who wished to participate in sending their best wishes to this great teacher.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the production and all those involved in the technical set up and recordings! Our thanks also to everyone in the IT department and especially to Paloma Sigüenza herself for everything she has taught us, over the years!

As a final goodbye, our Principal Nurse and friend, Inmaculada Herranz, wanted to add her own special comments which really reflect what Paloma has meant to everyone at the School. These were her marvelous parting words:

No creative project is ever easy, and even less so with theatre; the stage director has to juggle so many different parameters. I have always understood theatre as a search, an investigation that allows me to experiment and enrich myself with new sensations and emotions, and I believe that over the years I have achieved that goal and I have enjoyed it. 

How far can one stop being oneself, without losing what one is? Sometimes there is no way ahead, and I get lost searching for the concept, and the project cannot move forward. At those moments I turn my gaze inside myself and simply do a listening exercise.Throughout these 42 years, I have used the idea of attentive listening more and more, and my recent artistic efforts aim to create sound spaces where participants have a place, a space to create their own imaginary mind words.

I would like to thank the whole educational community of the British School for joining me in this wonderful sunset. Now I will be heading for other places, other spaces, where each sunrise will lead me to many other sunsets, where I hope we will meet again.

Many hugs

Paloma Sigüenza