Thursday 15 March 2018


Following the terrible incident which took place outside the School last 12th of March, involving the death of a parent, we would like to express our sadness at such a profoundly disturbing occurrence. This has been a very traumatic event for the entire School, and indeed, for the local neighbourhood, as a whole.

  1. We would like to reiterate that our students´ safety and security are, as ever, our utmost priority. We are confident that our School is one which places the greatest emphasis on the security of our students.
  2. The incident was an event which was totally unrelated to the School everyday activity, and at no time were any of our students at risk.
  3. The School and the surrounding area provide a safe environment and we work hard to maintain security standards. The safety and education of our students are always our top priority and concern.
  4. We would like to thank all the families at the School for their respect for the victims of this dreadful tragedy. And also, for the support they have shown towards the School and its wider community. The normal functioning of the School has been our main aim, thanks to the support of everyone concerned, students, parents and staff.
  5. Following allegations made by a group of parents, recently published in the media, we would like to make it clear that our student admission process is stringent and meets all current legal requirements.
  6. Protecting children is our number one priority. We are, in fact, one of the leading educational institutions currently promoting children´s wellbeing, both at School and in the home. This is why we also have very strict staff recruitment and training policies in place. We are also spearheading a number of projects, seeking to coach parents in this area.
  7. The School continuously reviews all its processes and procedures. Any change or proposed improvement in policy,  is analysed and considered with the absolute rigour and professionalism, for which we are known.

Madrid, 14th of March, 2018.

The British Council School Management