It is the belief of the British Council School that accurate, regular and fair assessment is central to the development of pupils' learning.

Assessments, both formative and summative, provide a framework for setting educational objectives and for monitoring and communicating progress. They give evidence to guide and direct teaching and learning and enable pupils to demonstrate and review their progress. The British Council School strives to ensure that:

  • assessment is ambitious; that the objectives set high expectations of pupils and also contribute to a pathway of progress and development
  • assessment feedback should inspire greater effort and a belief that through hard work and application, more can be achieved
  • assessment is fair and free from bias
  • assessment is honest; that outcomes are communicated openly and transparently
  • assessment is appropriate; with a clearly stated purpose and relevant to those aims
  • assessment is consistent; that judgements are formed according to principles and structures which are common throughout the school
  • assessment outcomes provide meaningful and understandable information for all stakeholders.